It's that time again!! My younger daughter has grown yet again and needs to move up from her 1/2 size to 3/4. As she will have to move up to 4/4 at some point I am loathe to spend a huge amount so a used instrument sounded like a good idea. Looking for a used instrument privately has turned up nothing and the local string shop has a number of used instruments but they are mostly scruffy and have seen better days. However, as well as the usual new Stentors etc, they are selling a new Hans Joseph Hauer with Cocoon semi rigid case for a reasonable price. I have been able to find out a little about the company, used to be a German company but now Chinese owned and manufactured, but does anyone on the forum know any more or has anyone played on of these instruments? Do they have a range of instruments, do they have laminates and solid, are they Chinese to be avoided or are they reasonable? Any information would be a great help. Thanks in advance.