jpclos wrote:
LeMaster wrote:  As it happens, I DO drive a very nice car, but not any kind of a "muscle car" you imply...
LeMaster wrote:  Really Peter, you should pay closer attention to Clay.  You could learn a lot.
Take his lead and leave that nice car in the garage once in awhile to take advantage of your tax-funded public transport?

Yes, I'm a taxpayer who helps support public transport.  Not only with my tax dollars, but also by riding the bus (as a senior citizen) to/from work for $1.00 each way.  It's easier on me (not fighting traffic), and less taxing on the statusmobile (bought "certified pre-owned") It's also been a surprisingly interesting experience, seeing people from very different parts of the working world.
LeMaster wrote: Not with Sanders or Clinton in charge.  They'd raise taxes on "the rich" [watch out, Bob!] and use it to pay college tuition for Americans as yet another "right."
Sanders and Clinton were/are too different to be called "They".

In fact, "they" were so similar that Hillary cribbed Sanders' position as her own so she wouldn't lose the the support of the "looney left" and thus possibly lose the nomination to him. (hey, you could look it up!)

My stepfather used to tell me I'll only learn to appreciate what I have to pay for myself.  He was right.  With the help of scholarships, admittedly,I paid for my own college education.  This generation should do the same.  It would help them grow into responsible, successful adults.

 Remember home loans, lost fortunes, does 2008 ring a bell? Home ownership was the promise of lifetime financial security for Americans after the Great Depression and WW II. The 30 year home loan, unheard of in the rest of the world, was created and government backed the banks and gave the MID to make a house affordable for most. In 2017, home ownership is known as the American Engine of Inequality.

Many people choose to pass by this particular part of the "American dream."  Mortgage burning parties are pretty much a rememberance of our parents' generation.  I made some money in real estate, but as a single person with an already full life, I prefer to pay rent, and let others cut the grasss and take responsibility for maintenance.

Bernie wasn't even in the running, but his idea of free tuition is worth considering much like single payer health care. 

Actually, I think Bernie's suggestion of free tuition was his "Hail Mary" pass to siphon off support from Hillary, in a failed attempt to win the nomination.  In fact, Hillary soon adopted it as her own, thus pushing her campaign even farther to the left of the electorate!

What is your objection of the Society paying to heal the sick or helping someone who wants to further their education after high school? 

My objection is that it is not the responsibility of society to further anyone's secondary education, any more than it's society's responsibility to raise children of parents who flip burgers at Wendy's. If it's worth having, it's worth working for!

"Hell is other people" - Sartre

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