I'm a man, but also a teacher, and this subject could become important to me personally in that context.

I think you could experiment with different end pin lengths/cello angles. There are many possibilities. A longer end pin and steeper angle of the cello has been in fashion since the latter half of the 20th century, but there still are plenty of cellists who hold the cello otherwise. If you try a somewhat shorter end pin, and a more upright position of the cello, this will loosen the connection between the chest and upper body, which gives quite some freedom to the upper body too. I can imagine that this might help someone with larger breasts. It is more similar to a baroque cello but a great cellist like Miklos Perenyi also uses a relatively short endpin, with the cello quite upright but relatively high up the chest with absolutely great results on the modern cello. Perenyis holding of the cello makes playing in the higher positions easier too, but it will require some getting used to for the bow and lower positions will be harder, as you will have to reach back. He is also not a very small person, I think

As a teacher, I'm curious to know if experimenting in this direction helps you. If you would report back, that would be absolutely great.

And wow, I truely love this beethoven by Perenyi and Schiff, actually I didn't know I liked their playing that much!