iamnycellist wrote:
 I had my neck reset at a better angle after an accident which further improved the sound, but Arcieri set it up for me as soon as I got it. Carlos finished a cello for me 10 years ago, but it remains unvarnished, he isn't yet happy with the varnish. Perfectionist. It is one of the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen. Hopefully he'll finish it before we are both dead...
A true artist; knows his way around a fiddle.
btw, my cello also has a poplar back.  I agree with your assessment re sound.  Big, round and warm.  Mine looks like an old piece of furniture, but I fell in love with the sound within 5 minutes.  Took longer to get the money.
(also loved playing on the Feuermann Strad once a long time ago at Francais!)

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