iamnycellist wrote:
DuPre had 2 Strads, BTW, the other is played by Yo-Yo Ma.
duPre was given at least one of them, and Yo-Yo doesn't own the Davidoff* (as you know).  When he was here last he asked if I wanted to play it.  I begged off by saying  I was acquisitive, and if I played it I'd have to find a way to get from him.
I'm afraid he may have thought I was serious.

*  I'm sure Yo-Yo has very competent money managers overseeing his worldly wealth.  They probably told him a Strad cello wasn't a place to put it unless he was worried about his widow having to be homeless.  For the foundation that does own it, it's a fabulous investment, not least because "you-know-who" makes a very handsome living with it!

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