LeMaster wrote:
iamnycellist wrote:
 ... on the flight out and back was Lynn Harrell, who had just got his Strad (which was also poplar and willow). He spent some time having it set up to his specifications by Morrel, yet when he played on my cello, the color drained from his face, as my instrument played and sounded better. There were professional witnesses.

And Lynn subsequently sold his Strad and plays a modern American cello today!Smokin

Would that Strad be the "ex-Du Pre" cello?

via Wikipedia I find that indeed, it was...

Harrell previously played a 1720 Montagnana cello he bought with the proceeds of his parents' estate and also a 1673 Antonio Stradivarius cello that belonged to the late British cellist Jacqueline du Pré. His current instrument is a 2008 cello by Christopher Dungey

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