cellistnyc wrote:
I have a hard time controlling a tremor in my bow arm during performances.  It goes away with a beta blocker but I don''t like taking them.  My left hand/arm is always no problem.   Most people don't hear me shake since I use the bow weight to produce sound but I feel a loss of volume and control when my hand shakes.  Any ideas besides beta blockers would be appreciated.  Thanks, Rich
I don't know if there is any one way that works for everyone - it varies from person to person.  For some people, just performing a lot in front of an audience works.  For others, it's a bit more complicated.  There are lots of books written on performance psychology that can help, music specific or not.   

Some good reads:

The Inner Game of Music
The Mental ABCs of Pitching 
Performing in the Zone: Unleash Your True Performing Potential!