Andrew Victor wrote:
I bought a Wenger Cellist Chair a number of years ago (when the price was lower) and have been completely happy with it...

I also have an Adjustrite chair with legs that can be adjusted to different heights and can also fold up for carrying...

I like that Adjustrite chair for inside, but the lit says it just goes up to 20".  At ~$190 I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it out on the porch.

My key parameters in all this are that it fits me, it can survive outdoor exposure, and it's so cheap as to be nearly disposable.

Here's a guy making an absolutely minimal plywood stool. If I weren't interested in the challenge of the adjustable aspect it probably would serve my purposes, with some padding added to the top.

here's a clever idea for a folding stool, but i'd want a wider base than his has

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