Thank you for your feedback...
jpclos wrote:

Here's my opinion on your draft: I don't mean to be overly critical and it looks practical in terms of adjustment, but the bench-like design turns me off.  
Is it the lack of a back and/or the squareness?

It's probably going to be rather boxy, just for simplicity of cutting and assembling.

What would make it less bench-like to your eye?

I feel like the base would get in the way of my feet more than regular chair legs do.
Because of the cross piece connecting the two sides?  Or something else?

It would also be quite heavy if made from plywood.
All the better to not blow away in a storm! 

Ya know, one day I set my cello down, went in to get some coffee and when i came back out... my cello had blown off the porch.

If I got this to all fit within 2' x 4' of 3/4" plywood, it would weigh about 17 pounds.

That probably is more heavy than you might want for an indoor-use chair.

The slant is good thing, but if it's too steep and doesn't have some fabric for friction, resisting gravity gets uncomfortable.
One idea I have is to glue a large neoprene mouse pad to the seat. That would be comfortable to sit on, provide some friction, and survive outdoor weather.

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