Let's consider the problems you've identified yourself.: 

Nr. 1) Your are dependent upon your teacher for your visa, and financial aid that provides your costs of living and tuition.

Nr 2) He is ineffective as a teacher, not only for you but other current and former students. 

Nr. 3) His behavior towards you is emotionally abusive.

You feel you can't leave because of number 1, but you recognize that your playing is suffering because of number 2 and 3. Have you considered that number 2 and 3 are the consequence of number 1? If you would complain to your teacher, would he listen? If he could teach more effectively, why doesn't he? Are his abusive remarks the result of his own frustration with his ineffectiveness? And why should he change his behavior if you can be replaced? Can you imagine that if you complain to the dean, that she would they take action by hiring a better teacher? Obviously a sponsorship should not be squandered on a student who doesn't improve. Yours surely wouldn't want you to waste a year and a half of their support. Could it be that it is attached to studying with this particular teacher? Doesn't that mean that they are biased to serve the teacher's needs, and only indirectly help his students. If this is so, I think a psychologist would see that these circumstances, which are becoming more and more apparent to you, promote the situation. Consider the consequences both professionally and emotionally for you if you choose to stay in a relationship that does nothing to further your professional advancement and is only based on a limited period of financial dependency. What are you going to accomplish by taking more abuse and sticking it out?

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