I fear there is no solution other than leave an find another teacher. Your current teacher has made it crystal clear that as a teacher (s)he is completely incompetent. A teacher must first be a psychologist, and then fully understand the mechanisms at work when playing, and then know how to transfer that knowledge to the student, and only then does his/her own playing capability as a cellist start counting. Your teacher lacks on the first three points, and through his/her comments has shown that (s)he is not interested in developing these shortcomings on his/her behalf, and doesn't seem to understand what it takes to be a teacher, or doesn't care to be a good teacher. Such a person is to be avoided as a teacher. Once you feel you have learned enough technically, you can go back for musical coaching, if you like, that is a whole different thing. But good musical coaching you can also get from a wind player, or a percussionist, or a very intelligent music lover. Has nothing to do with teaching an instrument.

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