I have had episodes of hand tremor in the past. Always the right hand.

It didn't stop me from doing anything where my hand was touching a stable surface like typing or using a mouse but I couldn't really hold a cup steady in mid-air no matter how much I concentrated on trying to do so.

Eventually I noticed that this happened when I was hungry.  If I went and ate a PB&J sandwich the shaking would go away. Some sort of blood sugar thing?

Today the problem seems to have gone away, even when I'm hungry. What's different? It may be entirely unrelated but, the big thing I can think of is that back then, I was on no-meat diet.  Now I'm eating meat again (salmon and chicken only, no red meat). Aside... going back to salmon (source of omega-3 fatty acids) seems to have solved a dry eye problem I also had .

My experience probably doesn't inform yours but I mention it because sometimes simple things get passed over.

There's probably no harm in eating more salmon unless it's... mercury-contaminated salmon! That is getting to be a problem although other fish are deemed worse than salmon.