Here is a response I made to a question about this on another forum:

I found that the break in period is unacceptable; as a professional cellist, you need your equipment up and running, period. To wait a week or 2 doesn't work for me because of that. My setup is for strings that have more response and less resistance, so to use these strings, I would need to address a different sound post and position. There is a nice quality, but the break in time makes it irrelevant for me. The strings are harder and stiffer than many of the newest wave of modern strings are (I think they are trying for a gut-ish aspect), and they are less flexible. In this regard, they are gut-ish; you need to work harder to get them going, then there is lots of amplitude. For those 2 reasons alone, you need a slightly shorter post and less resistant placement to make the most of these strings than I have or am accustomed to. My job, as a cellist, is to make the cello, no matter its state on a given day, work, so I tend to adjust my technique to that. In this recording, I felt I had to work harder than I usually do to make it sound well. I hope this helps!