Hey, Peter, thanks for the kind words! Strings coming soon. I'm going to post them set by set until I have a bunch, then I will compile them so that a more direct comaprison can be made, all the A string samples, D, etc. I have always been the type of player that adapts to the cello/strings/humidity rather than running to the luthier with each change in the weather (I haven't had a post adjustment in years), so I know that I adjust to the differences I feel from the strings. Guess that comes from being a road warrior for so long. Not sure that is helpful in this kind of project or not, but, as I am not getting the cello adjusted for the strings (there are big differences between Versum and Warchal, for instance!), I guess that is mitigating enough for this kind of trial. There are only so many things you can control for. I think there is some kind of renonance in the room I am doing this in in the low frequencies (probably a standing wave, is my guess), but if I make any changes in the room, I'd have to start over, so, I just have to live with it. I am putting together Warchal Amber (plus the metal and prototype A strings), next is Perpetual and Jargar Superior, hopefully over the next 2 weeks I will have those together and posted. 

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