Pegheds and Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs have the same mechanisms. I think Chuck Herrin may have more peg diameter and shaft color options. I have personally installed Pegheds or Knillings in 3 cellos, one viola and 7 violins (including one 5-string -Chuck sent me the extra peg for free). I am 100% delighted with the results. I have also installed one set of violin Wittner mechanical pegs, which are also good. (I am not a luthier but I did buy peg-hole reamers for violin/viola and cello for way less than the cost of one professional installation (My digital micrometer from Amazon cost $10.). If you do it yourself you also need accurate measurement of your current pegs so that you purchase the right diameter pegs. Chuck Herrin does the installation for free - so that is the best way if you can get your instrument to him.)

But it is on a cello, in orchestra or chamber music settings where others look at you in amazement as you peg tune all your strings up to in-tune in seconds. No more turning the cello around and struggling.

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