Hallo barrin87 !
Please keep patient ! The beginning is quite hard :
In the beginning my fingers hurted so much, that I could not do longer than 20 min.
But as I am retired I could do 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 in the morning + miday + afternoon + evening,
reposing my fingers in meantime..... reposing my right shoulder also....... considering that I shall never never succeed...... etc. etc. etc.
I also consulted different teachers performing my countless problems ! Finally I want to stay with my actual teacher : She is really marvellous
She also tried different teachers and different methods, so she does not force me to change ALL my technique, I have to change just the wrong bad things
and to gain more possibilities and skill..............
It is also very helpful to keep in touch with other beginners and to play together little pieces and to encourage each other !!!
( Now, after 3 years, I am rather strong, I can practise 2 - 3 hours with much joy and very little pauses )
Kind regards