As the point of my demonstration is not to provide a review (opinion), but instead present as consistent a comparison (limiting variables) as possible so that listeners have more information on which to base their own choices; I can only say that there isn't a world of difference for me, as I do not have a wolf problem. Others have reported that this sort of tailpiece can ease wolf tones, but I cannot comment on that, as I have no experience of it. Thanks for the kind words! I chose the Brahms because it makes the difference between strings obvious where they exist. It is my plan to do a similar comparison of as many strings as I can lay hands on, which I suspect will produce more divergent results. I have Warchal Amber (with the 3 A strings they make for that set) in the can (but not prepared for posting as yet) and should have Pirastro Perpetual and Jargar Superior up next.