karenlee wrote:
Why should a sales rep not sign up with ICS to represent his company to an ICS member who is looking for a cello chair?   I see nothing at all wrong with that.  (Maybe you haven't read Warchal's posts.)  The rep has not said anything incorrect or offensive; what's the big deal? For my part, the right chair makes a BIG difference as to whether I get a backache or not.  In the end, the players need to try  chairs out in order to make an informed decision. 
I see nothing wrong with a knowledgeable rep, who is themselves a professional cellist or at least a string player providing information about their own experience with what is on the market and how they conducted their product development. Anyone who read the thread knows I participated in the very interesting discussion with Bohdan, who actually made the strings and is not just a sales guy. Even though he was very much behind his product, it was obvious that the Warchal thread discussed his product specifically and he cleared up questions about the materials, response, measuring techniques, and why he thought it could be an improvement etc. Same thing with Krentz or any of the makers who participate when issues of adjustment or repair come up.

In this one, the OP asks "Do you have a chair you'd recommend? Is there a chair we should avoid? The only chair we've tried is the Ratstand Chair" Not really a request for input from the Ratstand sales rep, but exactly the opposite, a request for alternatives and information from people who have experience. All Joe has to say is that he thinks adjustable is "better," with nothing to back it up.

Do you have a chair helps with your back?