OP asks forum for alternatives to a product and we give a couple, one of which (Wenger, the industry standard) get's criticized for being "not adjustable" by a company sales representative, who BTW followed the OP here and especially registered to the forum for sole purpose of selling chairs (creepy). Remember the OP did not mention that they wanted an adjustable chair. They wanted to try alternatives to the rat chair.

Okay cello chatters, raise hands, who adjusts their chair after it is at the right height? In 70 years of business with the best and largest american music organizations, symphonies, opera's, universities and conservatories has it not occurred to the folks at Wenger that people might want different heights? The answer is yes, of course, they have two standard heights and will provide custom heights to order, so yes that is covered. In my experience with adjustable chairs (Adjustrite), there are moving parts which make noise and that is not so great in a concert or during recordings, unless of course you want that Glen Gould sound, but then you might want to sing and moan a bit too, not too much or they'll think you're trying to do a Jarrett. There is the folding thing too. Of course there are some workarounds, but ideally, the cello chair is hard to beat.

Either this whole thread is just spam for the chair company or Joe is is stalking AP cello.