baroquecello wrote:
I'm quite sure you'll Need to give them at least a week before judging. I'm no big fan of Warchal brilliants at all, just the a string worked for me, and even then I prefer other strings. But even steel strings Need more than a day to start sounding. My new Larsen Magnacore g string still doesn't Sound right after two weeks. Just find a time when you have no important rehearsals and concerts and give them a week of rough playing.
IMHO synthetic Warchal Amber G and C are a very interesting alternative to the customary and "orthodox" two bottom steel rope coreĀ  strings (spirocore, versum, magnacore, pirazzi, permanent...). Warchal Amber provides the whole instrument with a bold, ressonant, gut-like sound. Just another feeling. The best of both worlds (steel and gut). Worth a try! (but be patient: wait at least a week)