EinVeilchen wrote:
Ellen Cello wrote:
Both pieces are, of course, beautiful but very different. I noticed that Barbara Bonney in Ave Maria often delayed the vibrato, a topic of some lively discussions here in the past. Callas did not do it at all in Casta Diva. I'm wondering if this was strictly because of the difference in the two pieces, or perhaps differing personal styles of the singers.

Yes, I also noticed the different uses of vibrato and I also remember the discussions.  Obviously Callas and Bonney have vastly different personal styles and voice types.  And I wonder if Maria Callas ever sang the Schubert Ave Maria, being a dedicated opera singer, I couldn't find any recordings.  To compare apples with apples, you know.  

However, if I could get my cello vibrato to be consistently (through all registers and fingers) like either Bonney or Callas, I can assure you I would be mightily pleased! 

Yes, same for me!!