Gurra wrote:
If standard Magnacore are too high tension for your cello, going by this table, EP Soloist or Magnacore Arioso are better choices than EP Gold. Unfortunately I have no experience with either of these.
I tend to use Permanent G+C or Spirocore Tungsten G+C but response wouldn't normally be my top priority.
Currently considering to try a full set of Rostanvo A-C. Have tried their A+D and they have worked very well for me. As a matter of interest, did you try the Rostanvo C and what made you pick the Permanent C over it?

IMHO Rostanvo strings deserve more atention. Wonderful strings!!
 I use A, D and G Rostanvos plus a (unbeatable) wolfram Tomastik  (Spirocore or Versum)