cellistinus wrote:
Thanks for your suggestions- to be completely honest I have only tried high tension Magnacores, but would like to stay away from them as the cost ($265 for both C&G) is quite a bit prohibitive. It also doesn't have a particular "strong" suit (i.e. just decently good at aspects such as power (Spirocore wins this one), response, and clarity). 
I agree with you in that the Rostanvo A+D are absolutely amazing. I have heard from a colleague of mine who ordered a full set that the Rostanvo C had a very thick string diameter (which prompted him to return the C back to Rostanvo). I personally have not tried the Rostanvo C though at the moment. 
I just today had an opportunity to try a single used EP Gold C. It sounded absolutely wonderful (to the extent that it stifled the Rostanvo G) but I have felt that the sound, albeit more "powerful" than the Permanent, dissapates more (like a flashlight) rather than the Permanent (projects more foward and narrower, like a lazer). 
This brings me back to the G & C of the EP Soloist- perhaps they might have the projection currently achieved on the Permanent but offer extra clarity and response? 
and how about Perpetuals by Pirastro?