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Hard to diagnose your condition by the photographs but the blog entry on CelloBello (above) gives a solution short of a neck reset/graft.  It's more of a fingerboard graft and certainly not recommended in every instance -- if for example there is a strong structural underlying problem that needs to be repaired. 
The "graft" refers to the part about putting the old scroll on the new neck. This will be done to preserve the value of the instrument when a neck is broken or for some other reason no longer usable, ie. too thin. Of course a neck with scroll can be replaced and sometimes, on a less valuable instrument where the neck has broken, this can be done. It's also possible to repair a broken neck, even with a metal screw that you can't even see it. 

The article you reference is for a procedure that can be equivalent to a neck reset, but it wouldn't make the string length shorter. Of course, some folks just scoot the bridge up a centimeter or so and of course the soundpost should go along, but this is poo-poohed. The OP stated, his luthier said a reset was not feasible on his instrument. He didn't say exactly why.

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