I am totally for the rent to own a better cello plan. Of course, it is vitally important to go to a good string shop to rent, rather than to a general music store. Here in Milwaukee, Family Music is the model shop: all string instruments are displayed in a humidified room. The shop  rents good starter cellos for $30 per month-- a friend of mine is renting a Doetsch. All of the rental payment applies to purchase for as long as you want to take to pay it off. I don't know of any shop that offers such a good deal. If you tell us where you are located, someone here may be able to recommend where to shop versus where NOT to shop.
A cheapo electric cello is no advantage over a cheapo acoustic cello; the huge disadvantage of any electric cello, even expensive ones, is that you will never learn to properly bow on an electric; stay with the acoustic cello until you have bowing under good control. Before I bought my electric, I was told by Ellen Gunst of Cellos2go.com that there is a big difference in bowing response between the acoustic and the electric and boy, was she right!  While you are looking around, Ellen's shop is an excellent resource.

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