Checking Google it looks like Regina is indeed your closest city with a musical establishment but it's a two-hour drive.  Ouch.

This forum is pretty poor at countenancing anything other than the standard choices in anything.  Some will regard your not wanting to do a four-hour round trip for a cello lesson as a  moral failure rather than a practical adult judgement.

Don't give up if this forum doesn't get you a useful answer. 

I honestly have no thoughts of joining a orchestra or band any time in the near future or ever really, I am doing this for myself...
I understand that.  That is basically my interest in the cello also.

I have less than zero musical experience unless years of listening counts for something. 
 So you've never read any music on any instrument. That is going to be tough. In addition to the challenge of physically playing the cello you have the additional mental task of absorbing the language of musical notation. Be prepared for very gradual progress on both fronts.

Something you could do online before you start cello lessons is to learn some notation by learning sight-singing. I haven't tried any of the various on-line methods so i can't comment as to their curriculums but there are offerings out there. The potential downsides of trying are pretty small. 

If you got to the point where you could sing through simple step-wise melodies in quarter notes and half notes that would be huge for starting cello. If you have the option of learning in bass clef instead of treble, do that.

Fantasy spitball idea that I don't necessarily know exists in your situation...

A teacher in that two-hour-away city who is willing to teach you once a month in person and the other three weeks via Skype. Some teachers can work that way.