I currently own two cellos. An L&C carbon fiber and a Dimbath "C" class Strad model. Generally I find that I spend most of my time using only one for extended times. Both my cellos are at the same location, so I can go back and forth as I please. What I find is that depending on the type of music (traditional or jazz vs classical) that I am interested in at the time, I will pick one or the other and stick with it forĀ an extended period.

Remember that different cellos generally respond differently to the same bow, so another cello might mean another bow to get the best sound. They also need to be played regularly in order to maintain their best sound.

If you really want to experiment and can afford it, then purchase a third cello with the idea that you will eventually grade them and sell the one that least fits your usage pattern.

Since you already have two I would just go around and try cellos in your price range or higher until you are smitten. Do not just "settle" for a third cello.