My understanding from an earlier post by Bob was that his intent was to close CBN to new posts, but to have it archived to read past posts.  So it’s unclear whether the current restoration will be permanent. It’s up to the moderators, but I hope it stays!

To address Chiddler’s post about the general universe of cello playing as an avocation: from my point of view, things couldn’t be healthier.  I realize I live in an area (Boston) where there are more resources than in many other areas, but here things are thriving.  For experienced amateurs there are many community orchestras and chamber music workshops.  For adult beginners, there are ensembles for new adult players, and since the area has SO many professional and freelance musicians it’s easy to find a teacher, and many of them are happy to take on adult beginners.  My teacher does, for one, and some of them have made amazing progress in a short time.

Andy, cellists by day sound ideal. One of our local Councils on Aging runs a swing band and a morning chamber ensemble.  A year or so ago I had chamber music coaching scheduled for 8 a.m. every Friday, and it was a wonderful way to start the day.  Maybe when I retire!

Internet resources can be awful or wonderful, but there’s a lot of good stuff out there: David Finckel’s videos, IMSLP, Youtube, master classes, cello-bello, ACMP. Here’s an example: I decided to work on Bruch’s Kol Nidre, which I’ve somehow never played, and was browsing on line for videos and program notes. I stumbled on what I felt was a helpful video on a sheet music download site.  Naturally, my teacher’s suggestions will trump the advice given here, but it gave me a number of things to consider until my next lesson.