Hi "kids." CBD is "Cellist By Day" for over the hillers, or is it Over the Rainbow? I had my first violin lesson about 77 years ago and my first cello lesson 67 years ago. I understand what Casals meant when at age 90 when asked why he practiced every day he answered "I'm improving". He didn't mean he was getting better - just better than if he didn't practice.

I'm fortunate to play in a mostly gray-haired, un-conducted chamber orchestra of 30 amateur and retired and still-working professional musicians that meets on Tuesday mornings to prep for about 4 - 6 concerts a year and meets twice a month in July and August as a "reading orchestra." I also get to play cello every Thursday morning in piano trio with a very competent pianist, who in her 60s is 20 years younger than the violinist and I. A few years ago we "wore out" our previous pianist, a retired pro who was 20 years older than we. . I feel lucky to gather the energy for evening concerts but usually don't have it for night-time rehearsals any longer.

So all in all, except for my years in grad school I've played in orchestras (community and school) since I was 13 - about 5 years as a cellist and all those years as a violinist too, except this past year that I've switched to viola.

This CBD or VBD (beginning to sound almost like underwear) is a really great thing that I recommend to all aging amateur musicians. It takes advantage of your highest energy daily period - and driving is easier in daylight. You just need to find a willing conductor or a very able concertmaster


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