You're going to love this one... A few years ago, I was going back to the pit after a break, and I was the last one. In our pit, the first ones by the door are the double basses, and they're a drunk, negligent bunch, so they leave their basses literally leaning against the wall by the peg. Since the door to the pit is small, someone, of course, pushed the bass and it fell on me - it was like a cartoon, when it started falling, everyone backed away and I just saw it coming on me! So instinctively (I hate those instincts...), I raised my hand to keep the head of the bass falling on my face, and it chipped the bone of my right hand thumb.

I went through the whole rehab thing and I, too, strongly suggest, after all the doctors can do, to find a physical therapist. There's so much more to regaining mobility in a finger than just taking off the splint and moving it around. I was fortunate that the people who helped me in physical therapy took it pretty seriously, so they made sure they properly looked out for all the muscles and tendons in the whole hand. I also did electric impulse therapy, magnet therapy and all kind of stuff. But I have no scars or repercussions at all, thank goodness. I hope your wife recovers soon!