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Advice for a Newcomer to the cello! Bach and Beethoven (topic)
Hello everyone, I'm a young cellist looking for advice, help, comments, critiques etc. Anything to help me know what to work on, improve. this goes for my stage presence, to my technique, musicality etc. I've only started posting videos...
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02/22/16 16:42:39
New! Aaron Minsky - Ten Suite Variations (on the Bach Cello Suites) (topic)
Fellow Cellists, I just released my first music book with J.W. Pepper! It is called Ten Suite Variations (on the Bach Cello Suites). If you love Bach, and you love popular music, this will be perfect for you. It is written on a similar...
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Von Cello

12/02/15 20:29:02
Bach Cello Suite 1 Video Tutorial (topic)
Hi, does anybody know of any video tutorials of the Bach Suite No 1 Prelude. Can't find any on youtube or the internet anywhere! Somebody must've made one somewhere Many thanks
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10/19/15 15:27:10
Help Finding a Detroit-Area Teacher? (topic)
I'm a 33yo musician & multi-instrumentalist for whom cello was my first instrument. I've played for 25 years and studied for 7-8 years with a great Juliard-trained cellist where I grew up in Northwest Indiana (Pat White is awesome!)....
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04/29/15 15:23:09
Bach 5th Suite - scordatura (topic)
Hi ISCers, I'm currently working on Bach's 5th suite and am really enjoying the novelty of scordatura. One question - what's the best way to tune your cello down? Does it make a difference if you use the fine tuners or the pegs? I'm not...
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11/04/14 00:53:26
Bach: D major suite fingerings. (topic)
After finding no answers to my question using the search feature, I decided to create a new topic for it.  Does anyone know of an edition of the 6th Bach suite in which fingerings are given for a 5-string instrument?
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09/28/14 01:58:55
Bach's Cello Suites, Editor's Notes - of its newest and the most radical edition (topic)
Hi, I am Japanese cellist, composer living in France. Since 2010, I have published my editions of Bach's Cello Suites in IMSLP (the lowest files).,_BWV_1007-1012_%28Bach,_Johann_Sebastian%29 Now, here...
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09/01/14 18:26:04
Seby Journey (7 month) on Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 (topic)
Hi everyones, here's  the complete try on the prelude No1 of Bach. After 7 month, I finally was able to play it completly. Not without errors of course. But maybe at the end of one year, it's gonna be better.tks for watching and giving...
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02/26/14 17:28:04
Seby Journey (Day 06) on Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1  (topic)
Hi everyones, here's my day 6 journey on the bach prelude.I think that the second take is a little betterComments are welcomeAnd don't forget, i'm not a pro. loltksSeby
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06/21/13 18:35:12
BACH Suite 1 Prelude Music Sheet with Fingering  (topic)
Hello everyones, is there anybody that have BACH Suite 1 Prelude Music Sheet with Complete Fingering and position? I have one here from a Bach book. But It does not have complete fingering.tksSeby
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06/13/13 13:43:48
J. Chr. F Bach Sonata in A (1789)  (topic)
I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on this sonata for cello and piano/harpsichord. I have the music in a 2007 edition by Schott edited by Stefan Fuchs with a foreword (Vorwort) in German. It is apparently a lost work...
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09/25/11 11:27:32
B or B-flat?  (topic)
At measure 26 in the Prelude to the 1st  (G major) Bach Suite, the 3 rd beat of that measure has the following sequence of notes: C# B A B-flat. The Urtext edition (and the replica of the manuscript) shows the second note...
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04/01/11 04:08:33
A book about the Bach Suites  (topic)
Anyone of you knows the book "Bach's Cello Suites" by Allen Winold? If anyone knows this book, can you give me more detailed description of that book? (description, not opinion) What types of harmonic analysis and other...
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08/12/09 13:49:22
50 Concerts in 50 States  (topic)
Liam Abramson's "50 Concerts in 50 States" project will comprise a series of recitals (of unaccompanied Bach) in all 50 US States in order to raise a minimum of $50,000 for research into a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma...
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01/18/09 19:22:20
Bach Cello Suites Editions  (topic)
I've been having some issues trying to find a certain edition of the cello suites. I currently have the Barenreiter Wenzinger edition with the green cover and a couple of pages of notes in the front. However, I'm trying to locate...
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01/18/09 15:43:05
bach 2nd suite question  (topic)
Hi everyone, I'd like to ask you a question. I'm playing Allemande from 2nd Bach's Suite. I read it from Anna Magdalena manuscript because I think it's the most reasonable way to understand the music Bach wrote. Anyways,...
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12/31/08 19:30:55
Katherine Brainard  (topic)
Hi, I was a student of Katherine Brainard in the 1960s-70s. She was once a board member of your society according to something that came up on Google. After a long hiatus (several decades!) I have begun playing the cello again. I am...
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09/25/08 20:02:41
Bach in the swing of it  (topic)
After a 2.5 year hiatus from playing any Bach, I've finally begun working on these masterpieces again. Currently I am entrenched in the 1st and 3rd Suites, and spent the afternoon in a beautiful chapel at a local church, recording...
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04/10/08 21:11:26