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Cello cases - BAM vs Musilia (topic)
Hello fellow cellos (or celli, I should say), I've had a case for my cello for quite a few years now, it's held up pretty well but the only problem is that it is extremely heavy to hold, and there's no way I'd carry it on my back D: I'm...
Instruments and Equipment


09/24/16 04:11:22
Bam Shoulder Strap and Xeros Endpin (topic)
Hi there, I'd like to know if anyone has experience with the two things mentioned. Will the Bam shoulder strap work with carrying the cello case from the shoulder, opposed to carrying it like a backpack? How's the durability of the...
Instruments and Equipment


06/03/15 15:00:28
Bam Shamrock Hightech Fit Problems (topic)
I have just recently bought a Bam Shamrock Hightech through a relative in another country (Hard cello cases are hard to find and double the price in my own country). I measured my cello and gave the measurements to my relative. Now I...
Instruments and Equipment


07/14/13 10:20:42
Musilia, accord, bam, etc carbon fiber cases  (topic)
Right now I'm looking at Musilia s3. Does anybody have tht case? Can u plz write a review about it? Does it close well? I hear tht accords don't close well... How is the bam slim? I'm looking at cases around 5 to 6 lbs.
Instruments and Equipment


02/05/12 05:52:19
I need a new handle!  (topic)
I have an old Bam High Tech - the original version, maybe 10 years old, maybe older. The handle is finally giving out. it's got a crack that's slowly spreading. It's the kind that looks like this - Does anyone know of a good...
Instruments and Equipment


05/30/11 02:56:12
Awesome cello cases  (topic)
I just got my first full size cello (yay!) and I was looking for a totally awesome case.  I'm 13 years old and have been playing for 10 years and I really want the bam spring 2009 edition.  Does anyone know if it's still...
Instruments and Equipment


02/12/10 00:23:11
Light Cello cases?  (topic)
Hi, I am currently look for a hard cello case. I travel through train and subway a lot so the cello case needs to be light. However, the cello itself is quite expansive ($10,000) so I'm hoping that the cello case is also strong at...
Instruments and Equipment


02/08/09 03:38:12