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Silly question about fingering - not working (Total beginner) (topic)
Hi all, I am pretty new to cello, having only started "playing" since yesterday. I have no background in music, except for a musically inclined brother (drums/guitar) and learning the piano for a few months in primary school. After some...
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11/14/16 20:43:58
Awakening of the inner Cellist (topic)
Hi all hope i can get some support and motivation  for my cello progress at my blog:blog at - and my new youtube channel is also live atyoutube channel at -...
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09/12/16 18:37:35
Newbie Cellist (topic)
[size=150]Newbie Cellist Finding a good place to start Hi Everyone! I'm Harvey an aspiring newbie cellist ( a cellist by night and artist by day [/size]) I hope this would be a great place for me to learn more about...
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03/14/16 22:46:19
Traveling over seas with an electric cello (topic)
i will be moving to the UK in a couple months and am a passionate cellist. I own a yamaha electric cello and a lovely accustic cello but I have decided to travel with the electric cello. I have never traveled with my electric cello...
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10/16/15 18:50:34
Any New York City Cellists here? (topic)
I've been looking for a Cellist here in NYC to join me on a very special kind of project for a while, but no luck so far. Are any of the members here in NYC? I'd love to tell you more about what the project is about, and even if you...
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02/08/14 07:56:03
Looking for Female Cellist into Rock and harder styles! (topic)
Hi there, we're an Acoustic Progressive Rock act located in NYC looking for a female Cellist (preferably with back-up Vocals) to join us in touring, recording and making a project with influences from Prog Metal to Classical/Epic...
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10/31/13 07:49:13
CELLOSPEAK: 2013 Summer Cello Workshops for Adults held in Bryn Mawr, PA  (topic)
Cellospeak Summer Workshops: Just Around the Corner! We were so successful in our offering of two distinctly different weeks of programming last year that we’ve decided to do it again!  The Skills Workshop will be held the first week,...
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03/18/13 20:24:56
Any Cellists interested in expanding their frontiers?  (topic)
Hi guys, we're an Acoustic Progressive Rock band (Vocals/ 7 String Guitar/ Violin) who has been looking for a Cellist to complete our line up for a while. We are very aware that most of the Cellist in here are interested in Classical...
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01/30/13 09:32:54
Common Mistakes for the adult beginner.  (topic)
Hi, Everyone - Thank GOD for these forums. It felt like I was the only adult learning an instrument that usually is picked up at a single digit age.I had my first cello lesson yesterday, and I while I'm not unfamiliar with the...
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12/15/12 01:12:18
Forming a Cello Choir in Houston!  (topic)
Dear Houstonian Cellists!I wanted to let you all know, that I am in discussion with the University of St. Thomas Preparatory Department, to create a cello choir for people of all ages and levels in the Houston Metro!  It is still...
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08/15/11 15:44:04
New Cellist (Gabriel's oboe) for critics  (topic)
Hi, I'm a new cellist (6 month old). I have posted my attempt to play Gabriel's Oboe on you tube. If possible, I would like to have some review/critics on it by more "pro" cellist. Like position, sound, tips and tricks. tks in advance...
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07/27/11 10:34:55
Susanne Beer's "Cinemacello"  (topic)
Hi my name is Pauline Morgan. I'm an audio engineer working in London and also a keen amateur cellist and composer. I recently started up a small record label called Garat Records ( to focus on recording high-quality...
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Garat Records

02/01/11 12:46:23
Woodland Chamber Music Workshop for adult amateurs  (topic)
Cellists, join us for WCMW '10! We were listed as the only US Workshop "best for adult beginners" in Strad Magazine!The Woodland Chamber Music Workshop is a place where adult amateur musicians of any instrument and all skill levels...
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05/04/10 01:44:04
Cello Pop Sheet Music  (topic)
Hey All!I'm getting back into playing the cello but am interested in more popular music, i.e. Oasis, Green Day.  I might be able to figure out the music by ear but does anyone know of a good place to get sheet music for these kind...
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02/03/10 21:22:16
The First Complete Set of 6 Boccherini Sonatas for cello and piano!!  (topic)
I would like to introduce first recording of all 6 Sonatas Luigi Boccherini for cello and piano on Naxos. Here some links : Classicsonline : http://www.classicsonline.../product.aspx?pid=932961 Itunes :...
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01/20/10 21:50:19
New Cello Suites  (topic)
2 suites published together at The pdf download (see right side of lulu screen) is free.
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12/28/09 14:17:32 Review: Bethany & Rufus - 900 Miles  (topic)
Url: Sound: Bethany & Rufus - 900 Miles (Music Video) We are always enchanted by artists who can...
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12/10/09 22:16:10
Rufus Cappadocia And Special Guests To Perform At The Jalopy On October 31st  (topic)
Url: Sound: Celloist extraordinaire Rufus Cappadocia will perform at the Jalopy on Saturday, October 31st at 8:30 p.m. along with special guests Gaida Hinawi (Voice...
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10/29/09 22:18:50
Old guy interested in learning  (topic)
I am 56. Have had a love for the cello for a while and wanted to learn to play. I need to make a move now. The kids are out of the house and I should have more time. What do you recommend I do? Outside of having classical guitar...
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10/04/09 16:02:21
Bethany & Rufus To Perform Two Shows With Peter Yarrow In Ridgefield  (topic)
Folk music legend Peter Yarrow will bring his vocal and guitar magic to The Ridgefield Playhouse on Saturday, October 17, with two performances: a children's concert at 4 p.m., and an evening show for adults at 8 p.m. At the...
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09/24/09 19:47:07