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Adapting a cello to a new climate (topic)
Hi all - I've been lurking (and posting a thread or two) here for awhile, and you are all obviously very knowledgable about the cello, so I thought this would be a good place to ask a question --  I've been playing for about a year (I'm...
Instruments and Equipment


03/07/15 00:43:12
Know anything about a korean Conservatione cello? (topic)
Hi, I started a string group at my school this year with cheap but playable violins and violas I bought second hand. I'd like to add cellos next year so have been learning cello (teaching myself from lots of you tube and forum-lurking...
Instruments and Equipment


11/26/14 06:27:41
Good cello strings for economical price ?  (topic)
Hi everyone,I am a beginner cellist from London looking for good quality but economical price strings.I purchased Astrea strings for my 4/4 cello. C and G sound good, D is ok (could be better) and A is awful. Impossible to get a nice...
Instruments and Equipment


02/04/13 13:56:14
Buying a Cello...  (topic)
Hello, all!  I am looking to buy a cello; I've never played cello before, but I have played piano for several years - so I am somewhat versed in music.  My issue is that there are not really that many local shops that sale...
Instruments and Equipment


12/10/12 23:49:34
Never used a cello, looking to buy to start.  (topic)
I have absolutely no musical experience at all, as I have never played any instrument before,You may ask, why do I wish to jump directly into it then and fork the money out....While I've never played an instrument, I share my father's...
Instruments and Equipment


02/02/12 21:23:43
Can anyone advise me on these cellos  (topic)
im not even a beginner cellist yet. iv only held one once.but i really want to learn. and iv been looking at cellos. due to price im pretty much forced to look to the internets  for my latest investmentim conciedering one of these...
Instruments and Equipment


02/17/10 00:14:16
Beginner Violin  (topic)
My son currently plays the flute. He is 13 yrs. The only reason he plays is because we insist he plays an instrument. Recently he said he would like to play violin. I am excited that he is deciding on a direction but i know NOTHING...
Instruments and Equipment


01/08/10 14:32:13
Recommendations on half size Student Model Cello?  (topic)
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a model and maker for a half sized cello for a beginning (9 year old no string experience) cellist. I don't want to break the bank, especially on something that will be outgrown,...
Instruments and Equipment


09/24/09 17:35:13
Another first-time cello buying question!  (topic)
Hi all, I've decided to start playing the cello after years of wanting to play but never getting the opportunity falling in my lap. I had a 6 week stint borrowing a friend's instrument last year and enjoyed that. I will be...
Instruments and Equipment


08/11/09 06:54:52
Looking to get a cello.  (topic)
Hey, I'm looking into getting a cello however i have absolutely no idea about which companies sell cellos, which is 'better' or 'best', etc. As you can probably tell, I do not currently play, however am very...
Instruments and Equipment


05/23/08 00:20:21