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Silly question about fingering - not working (Total beginner) (topic)
Hi all, I am pretty new to cello, having only started "playing" since yesterday. I have no background in music, except for a musically inclined brother (drums/guitar) and learning the piano for a few months in primary school. After some...
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11/14/16 20:43:58
In the prestarting phases of becoming a beginner (topic)
Hello folks,  I am just beginning my journey into the world of the cello, I have long thought about trying my hand at it and think that I am finally in a place in my life where I am ready to take the leap! My issue at the moment is that...
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10/13/16 02:42:17
Several VERY basic beginner questions (topic)
1) Ouch! My fingers are blistered and hurt like crazy. Any tricks? It stops me from practicing. 2) I'm working on my posture and form. The main problem (or *set* of problems) I'm running into is that I'm well-endowed, so when I lean the...
Cellists by Night Forum


04/02/16 16:49:44
Reading music: recommendations for beginning adult cellist? (topic)
Hi all! I'm new to the forum and am an adult (45!  Yikes!) who has been learning with the help of a wonderful teacher for about the last year.  I really would like to learn how to read music, and while I have the book "I Can Read Music...
Cellists by Night Forum


02/22/15 21:05:55
Christmas Gift for 8 Year Old Cellist (topic)
Any suggestions for a Cello centric present for an 8 year old Cellist who loves to read?
Cellists by Night Forum


12/17/14 20:32:29
2014 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Academy Week (topic)
2014 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Academy Week: Side-by-Side with the ProsJune 14-21, 2014An intensive music “fantasy” camp for non-professional musiciansJoin us for the 2014 BSO Academy Week in Baltimore, MD. Rehearse and perform...
Cellists by Night Forum


12/31/13 19:40:22
Sharing my goal to become the world's foremost 35-year-old beginning cellist... (topic)
Long time lurker, first time post...  
Cellists by Night Forum


12/08/13 22:36:30
CELLOSPEAK: 2013 Summer Cello Workshops for Adults held in Bryn Mawr, PA  (topic)
Cellospeak Summer Workshops: Just Around the Corner! We were so successful in our offering of two distinctly different weeks of programming last year that we’ve decided to do it again!  The Skills Workshop will be held the first week,...
Cellists by Night Forum


03/18/13 20:24:56
Common Mistakes for the adult beginner.  (topic)
Hi, Everyone - Thank GOD for these forums. It felt like I was the only adult learning an instrument that usually is picked up at a single digit age.I had my first cello lesson yesterday, and I while I'm not unfamiliar with the...
Cellists by Night Forum


12/15/12 01:12:18
New Member Intro  (topic)
Hello!My name is Rachel, I'm 43, and I've been playing the cello for almost 3 months now.I grew up playing classical piano (seriously), and a few other instruments, woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc. for school band and orchestra.I knew...
Cellists by Night Forum


11/04/12 19:41:01
Boulder Cello Project - Colorado adult amateur cello group looking for more cellists  (topic)
I'm a co-founder of The Boulder Cello Project, which is a group of amateur adult cellists of varying abilities, beginner to advanced, who get together about once a month to play cello ensemble music. We currently have over 20...
Cellists by Night Forum


06/19/12 20:58:54
Survey Lessons (topic)
How about a CBN survey about cello lessons? As always, there is continued discussion of the universal importance of having a qualified teacher to succeed in learning the cello. If you took up the cello after your teens, started playing...
Cellists by Night Forum


04/04/12 09:03:12
At last ...  (topic)
... all of the stars are aligned and I am finally in a position to take music lessons and fully embrace my cello studies.  Happy days!  I learned to play the violin at a very young age and took cello lessons for a year 12 years...
Cellists by Night Forum


03/26/11 16:13:40
Starting cello very late!  (topic)
Hi all,A life-long pianist, I've recently embarked on an inspiration I had 30 years ago to learn the cello.  I started in December and am now practicing for my first group recital on 6/26.  Also, I just replaced my rented...
Cellists by Night Forum


06/21/10 23:47:11
Cello Teacher for Beginning Adult  (topic)
Can anyone recommend a teacher in northern Virginia (Springfield area) that will teach a beginning adult?  I have contacted numerous teachers in the area and they all tell me they do not teach adults.  It is getting pretty...
Cellists by Night Forum


03/08/10 17:11:26
Lessons on a budget, help  (topic)
Hi all, I'm new to the forum, in fact I'm new to the cello altogether. I've played the piano for many years, but wanted to take up the cello because of the way its sound seems to transport one out of the bustle of reality...
Cellists by Night Forum


01/21/10 05:48:27
Beginner seeking Advice on purchase  (topic)
Hello, I have decided to purchase a cello but was looking for some tips on what to look for in a cello. I've done a little research online and have a basic idea of what I want. A 4/4 size cello with solid wood construction, etc....
Cellists by Night Forum


09/01/08 21:10:52
recommendation for cello teacher in Bay Area?  (topic)
Hi all, I'm looking for a good teacher for adult beginners (30+ years old) with no prior cello/strings experience. I play the piano but have always wanted to learn cello. I've contacted a couple that I've found from...
Cellists by Night Forum


05/11/08 01:37:08