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Hellmuth Trauer Cello Bow (topic)
My mother sent me our string instruments, and, strangely, in the viola case there was a cello bow stamped "Hellmuth Trauer".  I have searched the internet and found nothing at all about this maker.  Does anyone know anything about him?...
Instruments and Equipment


03/20/16 14:47:23
Placing bows in case--tip up or frog up? (topic)
I have always put my bows in the case frog up, sometimes sticks facing out & sometimes sticks facing in, depending on the shape of the case. I just got a Bobelock 2000 case and I watched mamawelder's YouTube cello case review video...
Instruments and Equipment


12/13/14 22:29:25
Baroque Bow Makers (topic)
I know there are a handful of period instrument players around here, and I need some advice.  I am in the market for a good, clip-in baroque bow for a 5-string 'cello/bass violin (It is a Lu-Mi instrument based on the "Servais" Strad....
Instruments and Equipment


04/03/14 20:34:10
strings vs bow (topic)
I'm sure this has been covered before so I apologize. But I would love to hear your opinions. I know that ideally having quality strings and bow are best. But if you had to choose first to have so so strings and a quality bow, or a so so...
Instruments and Equipment

kendog 870

12/30/13 18:10:37
Strings store worth visiting in Hong Kong, suggestion? (topic)
Dear all,I'll be in Hong Kong for a few days soon, am planning to get a carbon fiber bow (am thinking Jon Paul legacy).Do you know of any string instrument stores worth visiting in Hong Kong?Thank you!
Instruments and Equipment


12/02/13 10:07:34
Another string and bow question  (topic)
I am an adult learner, playing on a Soloist cello, currently strung with Larsen A and D, and Helicore G and C strings.  I'm not liking the tinnysound I'm getting in the upper registers.  Any thoughts?  Also, my bow is not...
Instruments and Equipment


03/09/13 14:49:12
Arcus sinfonia on trial  (topic)
Hello, i just wanna share my impressions on an Arcus sinfonia i have in trialfrom Alexander Moin - Sweden. It's an ex demo he got directly at Arcus in Europe and got today with the possibility to buy it at less than 50% of its market...
Instruments and Equipment


10/17/12 16:23:14
Bowmakers US California / Phoenix  (topic)
Hi, I was travelling to the US this October for a brief trip for work and was interested in looking at a new bow while I was there. I will be going to Phoenix via the West Coast either SF or LA (from Australia). Budget is less than US...
Instruments and Equipment


08/28/11 21:33:51
How can I choose a cello bow?  (topic)
One of my bows is no longer in good condition, and I want to buy a bow on-line again, about $300~500, anyone got suggestions?
Instruments and Equipment


03/25/11 09:13:30
Looking for comments on bow  (topic)
Was wondering if anyone could comment on this bow I've been playing for about 6 months and have finally gotten a good teacher. She let me hold her wooden bow which was much lighter...
Instruments and Equipment


02/17/11 06:47:10
Still bow hunting... Any thoughts on these?  (topic)
Hi Everyone,Can anyone give me their preferences/opinions on the following three bows?  I included brief thoughts on each one.1.  Codabow Diamond SX - strong loud sound, but there is noticable (to me) hissing noise that seems...
Instruments and Equipment


08/18/10 00:21:15
Endangered Species  (topic)
here's an interesting article about pernumbuco wood (pau-brasil), the species of tree used for making our bow. are your thoughts? Should we stick to wood or switch to carbon...
Instruments and Equipment


05/15/10 06:20:46
Cello bow problem!  (topic)
Okay, I played the cello for a while and I never used to loosen my bow, so now, my bow's wood has been bent and I have to tighten it much more than I had to when I got it. What is a way that I can fix this on my own without having to go...
Instruments and Equipment


02/19/10 04:58:08
What goes into determining the price of a cello?  (topic)
I guess my question is, what kind of bang for the buck do you get when you move from different price ranges? I'm saving up to buy a 3/4 cello, but I don't know where to set my budget. Regardless, as only a beginner, my budget...
Instruments and Equipment


06/11/09 20:40:06
Bow hair varieties?  (topic)
Dear cellists, I have two questions on bow hair.. 1) I heard or read from somewhere that grease from fingers and all on the hair can interfere with the bow hair contact on the strings (sound very reasonable). When that seems to have...
Instruments and Equipment


05/13/09 11:59:12
How to judge a bow  (topic)
I've been at this cello thing a while now, but since buying my cello, as soon as I was old enough to have my full growth, I have had the same bow-- I think it cost about $200 at the time (early 90's). I have no idea if it's...
Instruments and Equipment


04/23/09 05:18:31
Bow shopping question  (topic)
Alrighty, so I'm on the great almighty bow hunt right now. Look out elk, i'm a commin' for ya! I have 9 bows from 3 different shops at my house right now that I've been trying out. It occurred to me tonight that they...
Instruments and Equipment


04/09/09 08:53:41
octagonal vs. round stick?  (topic)
I am wondering in general what you think the differences are between octagonal and round bows? Do you prefer one over the other and why? I have a slightly heavy octagonal bow that I like a lot, but am thinking of looking for a bow that...
Instruments and Equipment


03/19/09 02:42:10
for sale: featherlight incredibow  (topic)
I just sold my student cello and the person I sold it to elected to not take the featherlight incredibow and stick with the more normal fiberglass bow I had with it. If anyone would like to pick up this incredibow, just make me an...
Instruments and Equipment


11/08/08 21:59:31
Bow placement between bridge and finger board  (topic)
Hello to the world outside, When bowing, where should the bow be placed in relation to the end of the fingerboard and the bridge? Thank you for replies
Instruments and Equipment


08/16/08 03:07:02