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Bridge Alignment Help? (topic)
Hello. I just put on a new bridge on my cello and I'm unsure if it is properly aligned. I remember someone telling me that you can achieve an amazing ringing tone if you align it so that the little parts of the strings BELOW the bridge...
Instruments and Equipment


06/06/16 21:09:46
HELP! The Curse of Shrinking Bridges. (topic)
Hello!  I have a lot of trouble with keeping my cello at a proper level of humidity. I go to school in northern NY where it is very very very dry. The humidity hovers around 30-40% in my cello case.. With this level of humidity I seem to...
Instruments and Equipment


01/22/15 22:04:45
To modernize or not to modernize (strings/bridge/sound post) (topic)
I am a non cellist who has inherited an antique cello. It is from the 1850's and is austrian, but has never been modernized to take steel strings.  I'm told I should get a new sound post and bridge fitted to increase it's value and use...
Instruments and Equipment


01/12/15 21:30:57
How to check if the sound post was moved when I adjusted the bridge? (topic)
I think I might have done a stupid thing - recently I broke my Larsen solo A string and got a new Larsen standard.  then I found D and G sounded weird after using the new A, so I put the cello on a flat piano chair and rewinded all four...
Instruments and Equipment


11/29/13 06:35:23
Anyone know about bridge thicknessing?  (topic)
I have heard that the thickness of the bridge around the heart and legs is critical to balancing the sound of a cello. I would like to try to crisp up the lower strings on my cello without making the A string too bright. This might be...
Instruments and Equipment

Cello Doctor

07/21/11 11:27:33
Bridge "High, Med, Low"  (topic)
I'm trying to find a new bridge online, 4/4 for my Stor/Illner/Riedl (W. Germany 1983) cello.  I cant find info on the difference between high, med, and low....I know this cant pertain to the overall height of the strings off the...
Instruments and Equipment


02/06/10 16:08:17
String Corrosion by Beach ?  (topic)
Howdy, I've noticed as I've been taking lessons on my NS Designs CR4 Electric Cello (it's going quite well!), that sometimes after a week or so of practice-- my bow hairs would seem to 'catch' on the strings (mostly...
Instruments and Equipment


06/30/09 05:13:23
Which tailpiece?  (topic)
Hello all, I wanted to see if I could get any advice about how the tailpiece affects the sound. My cello is an old Italian, supposedly made by Stefano Scarampella (although there is no label). It was purchased for me a few years ago in...
Instruments and Equipment


02/21/09 05:48:43
Moses Graphite Cello Bridges and Fingerboards  (topic)
Hi All -- This is my first post. I have a lovely-sounding (sounds quite like Pablo Casals' cello!) Pate Ste. Cecile cello which now sports a Moses graphite fingerboard which I really like -- looks great, won't wear or warp,...
Instruments and Equipment


12/12/08 23:11:16
Bridge Bent  (topic)
Does it matter if the bridge is bent? My cello's bridge is... well certainly not straight. Does it matter?
Instruments and Equipment


09/20/08 14:07:42
Moving the bridge position  (topic)
I have had an old german trade cello restored.The bridge is in its correct position between the notches on the f holes.My problem is that the string length is 72cm(normally about69). If i move the bridge and soundpost up a bit to shorten...
Instruments and Equipment


03/20/08 07:37:06
Can I fix my own bridge?  (topic)
Hi. I want to switch from my summer bridge to my winter bridge (yes, I know I'm a little behind on that...), and I'd really like to do it myself. The closest decent luthier is 2 hours away from where I live and I don't have...
Instruments and Equipment


01/25/08 23:30:19