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This forum is for those who wish to post a classified ad for music-related items. Note that the Internet Cello Society does not screen or authenticate any of the sellers or offers posted. Please indicate subject and city in the title of your post. To embed a picture in a post do the following: 1) Start by knowing what directory (folder) it is in on your computer. 2) Login to YUKU with your name and password - the login is at the top left of each forum. 3) Once you are logged in click on your login name to get your account page up. 4) Click on your photo. This opens the photo edit block. 5) Use the browse button to find the photo on your computer and upload it. You are now ready to put it in a post: 6) Start a “reply” to a message where you want the photo to appear. 7) Hit the “Insert Image” icon on the icon row ( It is two icons to the left of the Smiley Face). Click the “Avatars” folder and then pick the image. 9) Wait for the image to appear. It takes a little time.

Cello Classifieds

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